Life Massage Therapy Services was founded by Eugene Scott, who is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Body Worker.  Since 2010, Eugene has offered therapeutic massage services that focused on, “Custom-Tailored Body Relaxation”, and “Athletic Performance Massage”.  Life Massage Therapy Services creates a custom-tailored experience for the body and mind, using a range of therapeutic body treatments.  Our holistic approach will assist in the relaxation of the body, rejuvenation of the mind, and in the renewal of the spirit. 

Slowly, you will begin to relax as you lie on the table under crisp soft cotton sheets, listening to calming music.   Aromatherapy helps center you, as the massage therapist gently warms the lotion in their hands before beginning your massage. The tension and pains of your throbbing and over-stressed muscles, together with the simple need for a healing touch cry out for therapeutic hands to start their work. As the massage session gets underway, the problems of your world are released, and you fade into 60 minutes of pure bliss–a wave of calm and relief brushes over you, allowing you to fall into a deep place of pure relaxation. You emerge from the session, peaceful, centered, and rejuvenated, ready to experience the rest of your day, week, and month.